ACA's Service to Camps in Crisis

The ACA Crisis Hotline serves as a resource for camps in crisis and provides callers the opportunity to talk through their crisis with a trained third party. While the hotline is not a medical nor legal "expert" call line – it can help you think through your issues and discuss options. 

If it is not a crisis, please call ACA 800-428-CAMP (2267) and we will direct you to the best resource.

Call the Crisis Hotline 800-573-9019 

Top Resources

The ACA Camp Crisis Hotline was established in 1985.  After 30 years of serving camps, the Hotline Team has found a number of go-to resources that seem to be popular year-after-year.  We share these resources to help you prepare for your camp season: 

For additional risk management resources visit the Core Competency Toolkits.

Annual Review of Lessons Learned

Each fall, the hotline team provides a written review of all of the lessons learned from the previous year of serving camps in crisis.  The review includes trends, data, and case studies for camps to use to prepare for future crises.  Learn from our previous years: