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Together We Can Save Summer Camp

You can make sure the lockdown of 2020 won’t lock kids out of opportunities in the future.

Research shows that camp is a critical educational and development experience for young people. The camp industry is committed to providing camp experiences for more youth from all backgrounds. And yet, in 2020, more than 19 million kids who normally go to camp didn’t even get to go.

Kids are in crisis. Today, the camp experience is more important than ever. Kids have been isolated from each other during the pandemic, limiting their ability to build social skills, learn from people with different backgrounds, and build skills that will help them succeed in school and beyond. The most vulnerable children are feeling the impact the worst.

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At the same time, the camp industry itself is in crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic forced more than 70% of our nation’s summer camps to close, and those that did run had significantly reduced capacity during the summer of 2020. At a time when camp experiences are more important than ever, this abrupt loss of revenue, along with the costs of increased safety equipment and training, has left many camps on the brink of closing permanently. More importantly, it has left millions of families without a summer childcare option and millions of youth without the opportunity to take part in these critical developmental experiences.

ACA’s support is critical to the survival of the camp industry. ACA funds research, education, and training to promote the highest level of health, safety, and risk management at camps. ACA supports camp professionals and connects them to best practices around youth development and program quality. In the year ahead, ACA will provide the critical resources and information camps need to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic.

Our partners are important now more than ever. With such financial strain on camps across the country, ACA will not be able to provide the support camps need to survive without the help of our partners. You can make sure the lockdown of 2020 won’t lock kids out of opportunities in the future.

Let’s talk about strengthening your brand and your business . . . while saving summer camp at the same time.

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