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Mission Empowering camps to create quality experiences.

Vision Building a world of belonging and growth.

Building Belonging and Empowering Camps

The American Camp Association (ACA) believes in our mission and vision of empowering camps to create quality experiences that build a world of belonging and growth. It's a mission that we believe will impact lives and transform the way we view education, professional development, accreditation, government relations, and community engagement.

Two campers with life vests and helmets smiling

The heart of the camp experience is built on a foundational expectation that we all deserve the opportunity to feel like we belong. We believe camp is about fostering a healthy and safe environment where every camper feels valued, accepted, and celebrated for who they are. In a world that often emphasizes differences, camps have been a sanctuary where diversity is viewed as strength.

Belonging doesn't just happen; it's intentionally nurtured. It's the feeling of being part of something bigger — a community that supports, challenges, and uplifts each other. It's the counselors who become mentors, the campers who become lifelong friends, and the lessons that shape us.  

We believe camp staff are the architects of safe and transformative experiences. We see how your dedication, passion, and commitment are what make our camps not just places on a map, but places of purpose.

Group of older campers/staff laughing

As we look ahead to the next stage of growth for ACA, let's lean into this engaging new chapter — to empower camps to create quality experiences that build a world of belonging and growth. Let's continue to innovate, adapt, and evolve.

Together, as members, volunteers, and stakeholders of our shared success, ACA is a place to connect and thrive, building careers and mentoring the next generation of leaders. In a time when our society sometimes feels polarizing and unfocused, let us be the shining example of unity through diversity.

The future calls on each of us to commit to our new mission and vision with grace and innovation — to build a world where every school-aged individual has access to quality camp experiences.

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