Camping Magazine is your primary source for the most recent trends in the camp industry — the latest research in the field of youth development, critical management tools, and innovative programming ideas. Camping Magazine is the official publication of the American Camp Association, under the authorization of the National Board of Directors. The magazine is published bimonthly. Note the following deadlines* for manuscript submissions:

  • January/February: October 1
  • March/April: December 1
  • May/June: February 1
  • July/August: April 1
  • September/October: June 1
  • November/December: August 1

*Submitting a manuscript by a submission date for a particular issue does not ensure publication in that issue. All submissions are considered based on quality, space available, suitable subject matter, and the review of the editorial team.

Topics covered

Topics covered include programming; health and wellness; youth development; marketing; ancillary services; risk management; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also publish research relevant to the camp profession. Many of our articles are written by camp directors and other camp professionals — people in the field who have firsthand knowledge and experience.

Refer to the editorial calendar that follows for specific themes being covered in each issue of the magazine. Make sure to submit manuscripts as early as possible for consideration for particular issues.

2023-2024 Editorial Calendar

January/February - Conference Preview Issue
March/April - Better Business Practices
May/June - Staff Training Issue
July/August - Innovation
September/October - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
November/December - Leadership Development

How to Submit a Manuscript

Camping Magazine accepts unsolicited manuscripts on topics related to the camp profession. The focus may be theory or practice. Manuscripts must contain information useful to camp professionals. All manuscripts must be the original work of the author and cannot have been previously published anywhere.

Submit manuscripts in MS Word format as an email attachment to


  • Feature articles should be between 1,800 and 2,200 words in length. Short articles and supplementary information are also welcomed.
  • Manuscripts should be double-spaced and include the author's name and address and an approximate word count for the article on the first page. A separate title page is not necessary.
  • Include short biographical information about yourself, your background, and your experience in the camp field at the end of the article.
  • If you are writing about a particular camp, please include a short (50 words or less) description of the camp — name, where it is located, affiliation, who it serves, type of programs, etc.
  • If photos are available to accompany your article, please inform the editor or include with your submission. They don't need to be included with the manuscript. Photo requirements are listed below.


  • If possible or applicable, begin the article with an example of the situation or phenomenon about which you are writing. Then provide concrete steps to approach or solve the situation.
  • Offer helpful suggestions for camp professionals and explain how to implement these ideas.
  • Provide appropriate definitions, explanations, background information, demographics, statistics, etc., regarding the issue about which you are writing.
  • Include any pertinent references and a list of helpful agencies, Web sites, or other resources that might be of interest. Also, include any other related information that could be used in a short, accompanying article or sidebar.

Review Process

All manuscripts received by Camping Magazine will be acknowledged by the editor. Manuscripts are reviewed and edited first by the editor. The editor may suggest possible alterations or additions and return the manuscript to the author for revisions. The manuscript is then sent to the Editorial Advisory Committee for review.

All articles selected for publication will be edited to fit the style and tone of Camping Magazine. Manuscripts will also be edited for grammar and to fit in the allotted space. Before publication, authors will receive a proof on which to make minor corrections.

Feature manuscripts once published in Camping Magazine will automatically be eligible to be judged for the J. Wendell and Ruth T. Howe Golden Quill Award.

Other Ways to Contribute

We publish . . .

  • Essays, opinions, and inspirational stories in "A Place to Share" and "Reflections."
  • Research columns


We are unable to pay writers and photographers. Authors do receive three issues of the magazine in which their manuscript is published. Published manuscripts and all photos received are eligible for the J. Wendell and Ruth T. Howe Awards. Photos are nonreturnable.

Send Us Photos

To send photos to Camping Magazine for publication, a photo release is required. Photos can be received by the following methods:

  • PRINTS Color prints can be scanned and used. Be sure they are clear and in focus.
  • DIGITAL IMAGERY Please send on DVD or CD or transfer electronically. The images must be high resolution, 300 dpi to reproduce and must be saved as a JPEG or TIFF file.

All photos will be eligible to be judged for the J. Wendell and Ruth T. Howe Golden Lens Awards.

Photos should depict the camp experience, reflect the diversity of the camp community, and represent best practices. Photos that do not comply with American Camp Association standards will not be considered.

Photos should be clear, simple, and effective. Try to choose photos in which the background is not cluttered. Please include the photographer's name, camp name, and contact information on each printed photo. All photos submitted will be retained for our photo file and will not be returned.

The photographer or camp must have a signed model release from parents or legal guardians on file for all identifiable subjects. You can consult your camp's legal counsel to make sure the release meets all laws and regulations. Note the sample release in the Photo Release Form. You can consult your camp's legal counsel to make sure the release meets all laws and regulations. Note the sample release below.

For further information, contact the editorial department at:

American Camp Association
5000 State Road 67 North
Martinsville, IN 46151-7902
fax 765-342-2065