Nominations for 2024 member‐at‐large positions are due by October 13, 2023.  If you have a nomination, please complete the Board Prospect Form

Any member of the American Camp Association may submit recommendations for nomination to the ACA Board of Directors.  Members may submit their own names, if desired.  The ACA Board Development Committee (BDC) is charged with maintaining a database of persons interested in board service.  The BDC is appointed by the Board of Directors and meets throughout the year to complete its work, which includes monitoring the terms of board members, developing a gap analysis related to Board needs, reviewing and cultivating potential candidates for service, interviewing potential candidates, and developing a slate of officers and members for election by the Board of Directors. 

The steps for recommending candidates and election to the ACA Board of Directors are as follows:

Step One

Skill Set Evaluation:  In conjunction with the Board of Directors, the BDC will assess the Board’s skill set requirements and needs on an annual basis in the fall of each year.

Step Two

Evaluation of Current Board Members: The BDC will review the self-evaluations of current members of the ACA Board who are eligible for reelection and wish to serve a second term, evaluate their skill sets in comparison with the needed skill sets as identified by the Board.  The BDC may request assistance from a third party in evaluating current Board members.

Step Three

Receiving Recommendations for Potential New Board Members:  Based on the Board’s identified skill set requirements, the BDC will consider nominees recommended by Board members, ACA members, ACA staff, and other recommendations that may come to the committee’s attention and will review profiles already in the Board's prospect database. Recommendations should be made using the Board Prospect Form

Step Four

Reviewing Candidate Resumes:  The BDC will meet to review candidates and their resumes in fall of each year.  After consideration and approval by the full committee, a BDC member will be assigned to interview prospective board members.  The BDC will assess the individuals for a high level of personal and professional integrity and commitment to promote the long-term interests of the American Camp Association.  Finally, the BDC should be convinced that the potential candidate can commit adequate time to serve as a Board member.

Step Five

Additional Interviews and Due Diligence:  With the prospective candidate’s concurrence, a due diligence process and evaluation will be conducted.  

Step Six

Voting on New Members: The cumulative results of the interview process will be discussed with the entire BDC and a formal vote will be taken to recommend candidates to the ACA Board for election. The BDC chair will draft a cover sheet for review by the Board with brief biographical information about each recommended candidate.  The ACA Board will vote at the Board meeting just prior to the ACA National Conference.  New Board members take office immediately following the National Conference and attend a virtual orientation shortly there after. They will also attend an in person orientation just prior to the spring board meeting.