Drive awareness and sales with social media campaigns through ACA. Businesses like yours can now share your brand's story and feature your products and services through ACA’s social media venues. 

You will first create content to place on ACA's Product Spotlight page.  We will need the following to create your web page:

  1. Title for your page
  2. Short paragraph — no more than 5 sentences
  3. A photo if you would like us to use one
  4. Your company's logo
  5. If using a video, it must be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo.  You will send that link along with your content.

Email all the above to Kim Fitzgerald:

Social Media Pricing

Social Media Guru package: $2,500 member; $3,500 nonmember

Includes one post on each of the following:

  • ACA Facebook (16,000 followers) with video or without video)
  • ACA LinkedIn (10,000 followers)
  • ACA Instagram (5,000 followers)

A la carte pricing options:

  • ACA Facebook post with video — $1,000 member; $1,500 nonmember
  • ACA Facebook post without video — $750 member; $1,000 nonmember
  • ACA LinkedIn — $750; $1,000 nonmember
  • ACA Instagram — $750; $1,000 nonmember