With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic came many questions from parents/guardians about what camp would look like in summer 2021.

This resource of questions and considerations was put together with aid from camp directors across the US to help guide parents in their conversations with camp directors about the upcoming summer.

Questions to Ask

1. What is your camper drop-off/pickup policy?

Drop-off and pickup might look different this year than it has in years past. To limit exposure, your camp may have implemented a new policy regarding how many people can be at camper drop-off/pickup. Make sure to ask if there have been any changes.

2. Are you changing your staff time-off policies?

Previously, summer camp staff would be able to go off-premises during their time off and between sessions. Ask your camp director if any changes have been made to those policies to help minimize exposure risk.  

3. What conversations are you having with your staff around what will be different this summer?

Most camp directors are looking at ways they can reduce exposure this summer, which may include limited group activities, changes to mealtimes, and more.

4. What are some things you aren’t doing this summer that you have done in the past?

Some special camp events may not be possible this year due to local restrictions or safety concerns.

Other Considerations

  • Don’t be afraid to reach out. Any question you have is a valid one, and camp directors like having one-on-one conversations with you to discuss your questions and concerns.
  • Camps may not have all the answers. Many of the answers about what camps will/will not be able to do this summer rely on guidelines and restrictions from state and local health departments.
  • Refund policies. Ask about your camp’s policy regarding rolling the enrollment to next summer. Or, if your household is in a position to do so, considering reaching out to your camp to let them know that you’d like your enrollment dollars to be a donation instead.

A special thanks to the camp directors who helped compile this resource: Maria Horner, Catalina Island Camps; Dan Matthews, Camp Twin Lakes; Andy Pritikin, Liberty Lake Day Camp; Dan Reynolds, Akron Rotary Camp/Camp Y-Noah; Paul Sheridan, Four Winds * Westward Ho.