ACA will never ask you to purchase our attendee list through a third party.  It has come to our attention that there are emails circulating regarding purchasing an attendee list for this year’s ACA National Conference—this is a SCAM and is in no way affiliated with the American Camp Association. They do not have any attendee information.

Emails coming from these addresses are a SCAM:

Alesha Dixon
Alesha Dixon
Alice Baker
Alicia Banit
Alisa Lee
Amanda Edward
Amy Lyons
Angela Larry
Ann Clark
Anna Williams
Basma Kahin
Bob Smith
Brigitte Robles
Candice Marie
Carol Smith
Carol Smith
Catherine Smith
Charles Chas
Charlie Dean
Clara Roberts
Crystal Waston
Dana Dille
David Anderson
Elen Clark
Eliana Grant
Emma Megan
Emma Pearson
Emma Smith
Gina Cozzone 
Greg Smith
Jadie Fisher
James Isabella
Jeanne Savelle
John Robert
Julia Dee
Kaitlyn Kristy
Justin Allison
Kate Parker
Karley Jonatan
Kevin Witter 
Kim Meyers
Kris Bowman
Kylie Beth
Laura Conlan
Lexie Hewitt
Lily Cox
Lisa Smith
Lisa Tucker
Lissa Edward
Lizzie Mullaney
Lucy Stone
Mary Johnson
Nancy Foster
Natalie Young
Nellie Woods
Ricky Pelletier
Robert Smith
Robin Smith
Ryan Scott
Samantha Smith
Sara James
Sarah Jones
Sarah Smith
Sean Parker
Sherry Beall
Simon Parker
Stella Gwen

Susan Parker
Susanne Manz
Tania Crowe
Tara Smith
Taylor Gentry
Trina Wright
Natosha Jacobs
Thomas Ringler
Tracy Lewis
Wesley Bates

If you received an email from this address, please disregard it and delete it immediately. The only authorized attendee list is available through ACA directly. 

We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, large conferences such as the American Camp Association can be a target for scam messages. If you receive any suspicious emails or calls, please report them to  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
American Camp Association Conference Management Team