The fun doesn’t have to stop when it rains! If you’re looking for some ways to spend a rainy day at camp, try these activities out.

1. Marshmallow Tinkertoys and Towers
If there’s one food that you have in abundance at camp, it’s probably marshmallows! Put those to use on a rainy day by building a 3-D house, tepee, or even a marshmallow buddy with pretzel sticks and marshmallows. (Idea from

Or even better, build a S'more tower, like the picture to the right. (Great idea, Camp Howe!)

2. Board Games
Bust out your favorite board game. From Pictionary to Monopoly, board games a great way to get everyone involved on a rainy day. If you have a big group, set out a few different games and have campers split up and play their favorites.

3. Reading
Take some time to enjoy a good book. Camp is a great place to show kids that reading is fun — if you’re enthusiastic about reading for pleasure, your campers will be, too! Record your reading minutes for Scholastic’s Summer Challenge. Already this summer, kids around the U.S. and world have broken the summer reading world record!

4. Creative Greeting Cards
Put a spin on the typical letter from camp and have your campers get creative with stickers, glitter, magazine photos, and more to make a greeting card for mom, dad, siblings, grandparents, or friends at home. When the rain clears up, put them in the mail! (Idea from

5. Word Searches
You know you love ‘em! Find some great word searches you can print for free at Science Kids. Or get creative and make your own using words about your group or camp.

6. Indoor Bowling
Create your own indoor bowling lane. Make the pins by filling up 6–10 plastic water bottles with about an inch of sand or dirt. Clear out a lane on the floor and use a soccer ball (or whatever you have around) as the bowling ball. 

7. Coloring
Some nature-focused coloring pages that you can print for free:

8. Making a Collage
Use magazine cutouts and other craft materials to work on a collage. Let campers decide if they each want to make their own or if they want to work on one as a group. Try themes such as “All about Me” or “Our Favorite Things about Camp.”

9. Indoor Treasure Hunt
Have an indoor treasure hunt by hiding several small toys, books, or special snacks around the cabin, then give your campers clues or a map that leads to the treasure. (Idea from

10. Slow-Motion Tag
Play a game of slow-motion tag indoors! Bonus points if you can communicate in slow motion, too! “Yooooouuuuurrrrrrr’eeeeee iiiiiittttt!!!!” (Idea from

Photo courtesy of Camp Howe, Goshen, Massachusetts