ACA recently teamed up with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in an effort to keep getting more kids outdoors, reaping the benefits of nature experiences.

Camp is one of the best places for kids to experience nature, and a whopping 71 percent of camps intentionally target programs to connect children with nature and the outdoors (ACA's 2011 Sites, Facilities, and Programs Report). Time in the outdoors is great for unstructured, creative play and discovery opportunities, as well as moments to unwind and de-stress away from a screen. (Read more about the benefits of nature here.)

This June 22, the whole family can enjoy an outdoor experience by participating in NWF’s Great American Backyard Campout. When you register for free, you’ll receive  instant access to NWF’s brand-new Camping Guide, chock-full of fun activities, great recipes, camping tips, and more!

ACA camps across the country are also registering for the Campout — so join the outdoor movement today and enjoy a night under the stars with your family!

Photo courtesy of Cheley Colorado Camps, Estes Park, Colorado.