Find out how technology can solve the most common registration challenges and help you have the most successful registration season yet!

#1 Save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks

Bringing your organization on to an ecommerce platform will allow you to minimize the time spent on setting up for registrations. Create programs, activities, schedules, and set prices easily in an intuitive admin interface that allows you to duplicate items when it makes the most sense for you.

#2 Create digital forms that are customizable for any activity

Your camp likely has unique questions for members when they register — how old are they? Who is their emergency contact? What size do they wear? You can customize these form fields for each activity with a robust ecommerce platform. Plus, with forms as part of the registration process, it eliminates staff time spent on chasing down missing information.

#3 Make member profiles easily accessible to staff and clients

With secure cloud-based technology, instantly find a client file just by searching their name in the database, while protecting their data. Remember the forms we just talked about? Well, all the information that’s collected through the forms automatically appears in the client profiles. Talk about a time saver!

#4 Automate special pricing and discounts

Providing pricing flexibility for certain members is crucial. It could be a senior's discount or a special rate for young children. You might want to make a program more accessible to a certain community. This is where the game-changer comes in: with an ecommerce platform, you can automatically apply discounts to individuals who meet your pre-defined criteria, so they won’t have to call in or wait in line.

#5 Manage modifications & cancellations with the click of a button

Part of life at a camp is knowing that there are always things that come up. With the right technology, you can easily modify or cancel programs and your members will be auto refunded. Even though this might be a less than ideal situation, clients will appreciate the amazing customer service and the seamless experience, which ultimately positions your organization as trustworthy and reliable.

Reach your goals and improve your registration experience with technology

Even with your next registration season just around the corner, there’s still time to take your process to the next level using technology.

With all the tools needed for you and your staff to set up and manage your programs fast, plus an intuitive and convenient platform for members to register on, there’s no doubt you’ll meet and beat all your goals for the upcoming season!

This fall, learn how to make your most successful registration season yet thanks to technology.

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