We all know we don’t operate at our best all the time. So what do we need to understand in order to manage that risk, especially at this time of year in the summer camp season? 

Remember where our counselors are developmentally.

  1. New risk capacities (training) evolve over time with experience.
    • Mentor young counselors with seasoned staff throughout the summer.
  2. Peer pressure can still prevail.
    • Continue to support clarity and sincerity in behavior and words.
  3. We all get tired and exhausted.
    • Be sure counselors are getting plenty of rest in order to be at their optimum.
  4. We function best when we know our surroundings.
    • If going to a new surrounding, partner new counselors with seasoned staff.

Counselors are modeling for campers — seasoned staff and directors are modeling for counselors. It is an enormously successful form of synergy and energy. It can power positive camp experiences.

Photo courtesy of Jaycee Camp Hope, Pendleton, South Carolina