CAMP NURSING: The Basics Beyond

Providing an expansive discussion of camp nursing practice and health services, Erceg & Gaslin’s close to 500-page book is evidence-based and includes a host of tools for making actionable healthcare decisions for both campers and staff. Its two-part design reflects changes that have occurred in camp nursing over the past decade while also coaching a forward-thinking, care mindset.


The ten chapters in Part 1 are designed for registered nurses who are novices to camp nursing practice. The chapters discuss topics such as the decision to be a camp nurse, tasks performed by camp nurses, and clinical tips for commonly seen injuries, illnesses, and mental, emotional, and social health concerns. Part 2’s eleven chapters go “beyond the basics.” Intended for more experienced camp nurses as well as the camp professionals who work with them, Part 2 chapters include how to collect and analyze injury-illness data, an overview of managing camp health services, sports injury assessment, and how to proactively protect one’s practice from legal threats.


The book includes references, is indexed, and provides an Appendix that features sample forms and policy statements. It discusses the role of Nurse Practitioners both at camp and as a key member of the camp’s medical oversight team. In addition, collaboration with the camp’s director is emphasized as well as how to effectively work with parents of campers and camp staff who are not nurses (e.g., tripping staff; kitchen staff; counselors). At the heart of this later topic lies the authors’ comments about delegation.


In the words of Barry A. Garst, PhD, an associate professor at Clemson University and longtime researcher in camp topics: “. . .This resource will immediately strengthen your camp healthcare protocols, camp staff training programs, and risk management planning processes.” And from Lynne Rodrigues, RN at Falcon Camp (OH), “. . . This book is the ‘go-to’ resource for all camp professionals charged with delivering healthcare at camp. Don’t be without it!"

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