For Their Sake Handbook: A Staff Training Handbook About Child-Abuse Awareness

Over two million cases of child abuse are reported in the United States annually. If your work centers around children, you need to know how you can help stop child abuse. To be part of the solution, read this book.

You need to respond when a child tells you he or she has been abused. This book will help you know what to say and do, and where to turn for more help.

You need to recognize the signs of child abuse. This book will tell you about physical and behavioral indicators of abuse--sexual, emotional, physical, and neglect.

You need to report suspicions of child abuse. This book will tell you how and where to report, plus give you sample reporting forms. You need trained, responsible staff to minimize risks and maximize caring for the children. This book will give you insight into characteristics of abusers, help you review and refine your hiring process, and give you detailed staff-training outlines.

You need to protect yourself against false accusations. This book will help you identify potential problem areas in your program and reduce risks in those areas, as well as know what to do in the case of an accusation.

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