Camp Includes Me: Inclusion, Fusion and Cross-Cultural Agility

Our world is becoming increasingly divisive and communicating with each other across cultures and even lifestyles, has become progressively challenging. This year at our National Conference, we are excited to initiate a track to specifically assist in our cultural flexibility, ultimately supporting us and our campers in becoming more nimble in our thinking – particularly when navigating cultural differences. The ability to build trust and mutual rapport with people from various cultural backgrounds is a critical component in our camp community.

Our Camp Includes Me track of workshops, panel discussions and experiential activities will allow us to replace the traditional race-based, “us versus them” paradigms, with a more holistic transformational model and approach, that explores modern millennial issues like globalization, inclusion, cultural intelligence, unconscious bias and systemic patterns that exist and impact the way we interact, react and respond to others from different cultures, lifestyles, backgrounds, genders, belief systems and ages in our camp settings and beyond. 

The goal of Camp Includes Me is to create a space where we can increase our competence around issues of Inclusion, Fusion and Cross-Cultural Agility. Moving beyond “representational diversity” and integrating true “Inclusion” and excellence by bringing together various world views, research, experiences and subject matter experts.   “Fusion” takes place, as we exchange our ideas, adding and contributing to one another.  We then ideally can become “Cross-Culturally Agile” as we share and become more competent in our understanding of what we individually and collectively hold sacred and meaningful.  All while having fun!

Join us as we begin the process of letting go of all the endless loops that separate us.