Fun and Safety - The Benefits of ACA Accreditation

July 7, 2015
Tom Holland

Former ACA CEO Tom Holland’s video shares his thoughts on the importance of ACA accreditation. ACA-accredited camp experiences allow children to grow, create, share, and have fun in a safe, structured environment. ACA’s comprehensive accreditation process covers a wide range of camp programs and safety standards, from camper-to-staff rations and kitchen safety to the personal growth of campers during their stay at camp. 

As Tom says, “Right now, the best evidence of a camp's commitment to your child's safety and growth in the summer is American Camp Association accreditation." ACA-accredited camp programs are dedicated to the well-being of the children that participate. Is your child spending their summer with an ACA-accredited program? If the answer is no, ask “Why not?”

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