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Welcome to ACA's Parents Place blog! The Parents Place blog features tips, information, and advice from ACA, as well as other guest bloggers, on child and youth development, health and safety, and, of course — camp. 

October 8, 2018

Children between eight and ten years old currently spend nearly eight hours a day on media. Adolescents average nearly eleven hours per day, seven days a week, on screens. The negative impact of this digital lifestyle is evident in kids’... Read More

September 17, 2018

While it’s easy to think of ways to teach our kids to do laundry or solve math problems, finding a way to instill important character traits isn’t as simple.

August 31, 2018

One Sunday night this past July, I was with my wife eating dinner when the all-boys sleepaway camp my eight-year-old son Myles was attending for the very first time in his life emailed a few photos. Like the stereotypical parents in the “Refresh... Read More

August 6, 2018

Your child’s at summer camp?

That’s so exciting!

And hard.

For some of you, an internal “WA HOO!” went off as the bus filled with excited campers and their duffle bags pulled away. But for others, this whole experience of... Read More

July 9, 2018

Worrying when our kids are away from us is normal for parents. Every time I’ve ever dropped my kids off for a new adventure without me, I’m excited for them. But I’m also concerned about their safety, secretly wishing they would just stay home,... Read More

May 14, 2018

Whether this is your child’s first year at summer camp, or they’re a seasoned veteran who has been attending camp for years, it’s always a good idea to refresh yourself on what to bring and what to leave at home. Below are several summer camp... Read More

May 1, 2018

Spring has finally arrived; the school year is beginning to wind down, and summer is on its way. For me, summer always means summer camp. Very soon, parents will be sending their most precious treasures off to camp. And some of those campers will... Read More

April 30, 2018

Homesickness is a fact of life.  It is human nature to pine for what is known and comfortable.  And a stay at summer camp — even for a seasoned camper — can generate pangs of longing for the comforts of home:  the family pet, mom, dad, even a... Read More