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Camp Moves Me is the American Camp Association’s ambitious goal to unite all of us who understand the value of the camp experience in a nation-wide fundraising campaign. Beginning in 2014, the Camp Moves Me fundraiser has raised over $120,000 dollars to send more children to ACA-Accredited*(R) Camps across the country. All of us who work in camp, have gone to camp, have been parents of campers, or just love the camp experience are united in our support of the camp movement. It is this movement that has educated children in the summer months for generations, and it is this movement that has the ability to change the world. To further this crusade, we must move together. Join ACA in the third year of our nationwide fundraising effort aimed at celebrating the spirit of camp while raising dollars to send more children to ACA-Accredited(R) camp programs. This October, please join us in running, walking, biking, and hiking to support this noble cause, and provide more children with an invaluable camp experience. 

How Does It Work?

Through our partnership with RallyUp, you pledge to hike/bike/run/swim (get active!) a certain amount of miles in the month of October 2016. Then you solicit donations from those you know will support this important cause. (For example, a donor might pledge $1 for every mile you run. If you run 10 miles in the month, then the donor will give $10. Or the donor can also pledge a flat fee amount).

On October 1, we GET ACTIVE!  Dedicate your entire month of exercise to the cause of camp. Keep track of your miles and RallyUp will track your dollars earned! 

How Do I Sign Up?

Head to the Camp Moves Me 2016 campaign page, courtesy of our partners at RallyUp. 

  • FOR PARTICIPANTS/CAMPS/TEAMS: Click the register text link. Individuals can choose to participate on their own or as part of a camp. To learn more about registering and/or creating a camp, please check out our Registration Help page
  • FOR SUPPORTERS: Click the green Donate button and search for individuals, camps, or ACA. Find the participant, click Save and then the blue down arrow. You can then select your amount per mile or make a flat fee amount donation. From there, you can choose to leave a message of support, or donate anonymously. You will not be charged until the end of Camp Moves Me 2016

Who Will Benefit?

Many stand to benefit from these efforts. First, children across the country will benefit. Second, the cause of camp will benefit as we raise public awareness around this unique endeavor. Finally, you will benefit by getting active!

Why Should I Sign Up?

We encourage you to participate because you believe in camp and you want every child to have the opportunity to go to camp. But if that is not enough, there will be drawings for great prizes based on the level of dollars raised. This year, we will once again crown the camp that raises the most funds as the Champions of Camp Moves Me. Supporting camp and getting active is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other! 

Sign Up or Make a Donation!


If you have any questions about the Camp Moves Me fundraising campaign, please contact Sam Hirt at

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Like many of our programs at ACA, Camp Moves Me could not be accomplished without the support of our sponsors. Last year, our sponsors donated both in-kind gifts and financial support to make the inaugural Camp Moves Me a success. Their participation in this event signifies that they, too, are moved by the camp experience. Not only that, but they believe in ACA's effort to send more children to camp.

We hope that you can support these great companies as they have supported us. To all who have come on board and fostered this event, thank you! Become a 2016 Camp Moves Me Sponsor Today!

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