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In its first five years, The American Camp Association’s Camp Moves Me has raised more than $275,000 to send kids to ACA-accredited camps. Plenty of people joined the movement that sent more than 1,294 kids to camp. For 2019, ACA-accredited camps can raise money to send campers to their own camp! Don’t miss this opportunity to share your camp experience with more campers.

Camp Moves Me is the vehicle to send kids to YOUR ACA-accredited camp!

As an ACA-accredited camp, you have the opportunity to use 92.5 cents from every dollar raised by your team on scholarships to send children to your own camp! October will be here soon. So now is the time to take steps to become part of Camp Moves Me 2019 — so you can move more children into your ACA-accredited camp!

Here's how to start!

Step 1 - Register your camp with the ACA Camper Scholarship Program

  • This is a one-time registration, so if you are already registered, move on to Step 2. 

Step 2 - Register as a participant and create your camp as a team on RallyUp.

Step 3 - Invite others to join your team

Step 4 -  Getting donors and pledges

How Does Camp Moves Me Work?

Through our partnership with RallyUp, you pledge to hike/bike/run/swim (get active!) a certain amount of miles in the month of October 2019. Then you solicit donations from those you know will support this important cause. (For example, a donor might pledge $1 for every mile you run. If you run 10 miles in the month, then the donor will give $10. Or the donor can also pledge a flat fee amount).

Not an Accredited Camp? No Problem!

You can participate as a team or as an individual even if you are not raising money for your ACA-accredited camp. Here's how:

  • Head to the Camp Moves Me 2019 Participant Center, courtesy of our partners at RallyUp. 
  • FOR PARTICIPANTS/CAMPS/TEAMS: Click the Participant Sign Up or Create a Camp buttons from the Participant Center. Individuals can choose to participate on their own or as part of a camp. To learn more about registering and/or creating a camp, please check out our Registration Help page
  • FOR SUPPORTERS: Click the green Donate button and search for individuals, camps, or ACA. Find the participant, click Save and then the blue down arrow. You can then select your amount per mile or make a flat fee amount donation. From there, you can choose to leave a message of support, or donate anonymously. You will not be charged until the end of Camp Moves Me 2019

Sign Up or Make a Donation!


If you have any questions about the Camp Moves Me fundraising campaign, please contact Kaley Belakovich at If you have questions about the ACA Camper Scholarship Program, please contact Andrea Stearley at

Become a Sponsors

Like many of our programs at ACA, Camp Moves Me could not be accomplished without the support of our sponsors. Last year, our sponsors donated both in-kind gifts and financial support to make the inaugural Camp Moves Me a success.  Become a 2019 Camp Moves Me Sponsor Today!