Main Phone: 800-428-2267 or 765-342-8456

(sorted by last name)


Kaley Amonett, Editorial Communications Manager, 765-349-3504


John Beitner, Western Regional Director, 765-349-3525

Paul Bidwell, Web Manager, 765-349-3507

Jamie Box, Standards, Professional Development, Research Associate, 765-349-3508

Michele Branconier, Senior Director of Volunteerism, 765-349-3520

Kim Brosnan, Director of Knowledge Systems, 765-349-3314

Laurie Browne, Senior Director of Research and Education, 765-349-3532

Gay Bruner, Membership Manager - Central Region, 765-349-3524

Abby Burbank, Accreditation Manager - Central Region, 765-349-3307

Jennifer Burchard, Customer Service Associate, 765-349-3500


Amanda Carter, Customer Service Associate, 765-349-3506

Missy Casner, Dynamics 365 Business Systems Solutions Architect, 765-349-3505

Christa Cassidy, Chief Financial Officer, 765-349-3315


Alicia Danenberg, Content Director, 765-349-3538

Anna Danila, Membership Manager - Western Region, 765-349-3530

Hasim Dawkins, Central Region Director, 765-349-3528

Henry DeHart, Chief Operating Officer, 765-349-3312

Jessie Dickerson, Grants & Special Projects Manager


Marcia Ellett, Editor-in-Chief, Camping Magazine, 765-349-3303


Kim Fitzgerald, Director of Business Development, 765-349-3309

Erin Flores, Professional Development Manager, 765-349-3527

Laura Foreman, Graphic Designer, 765-349-3502

Jami Foster, Large Groups Membership, 765-349-3519

Kelley Freridge, Chief Marketing Officer

Kerry Frye, Membership Registrar & Customer Service Associate, 765-349-3512


HK Gilbert, Accreditation Manager - Western Region, 765-349-3531


Greg Harris, Senior Staff Accountant, 765-349-3313

Ruthi Hernandez, Membership Manager - Camps on Campus, 765-349-3539


Melany Irvin, National Conference Manager, 765-349-3503

Vincent Irving, Eastern Region Director, 765-349-3534


Kristina Lee, Membership Manager - Eastern Region, 765-349-3535


Lauren McMillin, Public Relations and Communications Manager, 765-349-3518

Sammy Mitchell, Human Resources Manager, 765-349-3501


Abbie Parker, Professional Development Manager - Central Region, 765-349-3526

Sarah Perkins, Data Analyst, 765-349-3509

Christen Peterson, Grants and Special Projects, 765-349-3510

Danielle Pinney, Director of Accreditation, 765-349-3523

Kyla Pinto, Accreditation Manager - Eastern Region, 765-349-3536

Bristol Posatko, Grants and Special Projects Manager, 765-349-3533


Tom Rosenberg, President/CEO, 765-349-3308 | Biography


Kathryn Schaefer, Professional Development Manager - Eastern Region, 765-349-3521

Tom Schenk, Information Technology Director, 765-349-3513

Ashley Sisson, Business Development Associate, 765-349-3319

Andrea Stearley, Executive Associate, 765-349-3305


Betsy Thamert, Professional Development Manager - Western Region, 765-342-1349

Grechen Throop, Director of Membership, 765-349-3517

Teresa Tucker, Assistant Director of Accreditation, 765-349-3522




  • States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
  • ACA local offices: Evergreen, Northern California, Oregon Trail, Rocky Mountain, Southern California, Southwest


  • States: Alabama, Arkansas, part of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin
  • ACA local offices: Great Rivers, Heart of the South, Indiana, Michigan, Northland, St. Louis, Texoma, Wisconsin


  • States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, part of New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
  • ACA local offices: Chesapeake, Keystone Regional, Ohio, Southeastern, Upstate New York, Virginias