Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

BIPOC Affinity Group

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 15:10

Join us as we celebrate our cultures, uplift each other through our unique experiences, and build cross-cultural connections.

Be Part of the Conversation

Join us for future conversations among peers. Support and be supported by others. Registration links to come. 

  • September 19, 2024 - 3:00 eastern
  • October 17, 2024 - 3:00 eastern
  • November 14, 2024 - 3:00 eastern
  • January 16, 2025 - 3:00 eastern
  • March 20, 2025 - 3:00 eastern
  • April 17, 2025 - 3:00 eastern
  • May 15, 2025 - 3:00 eastern

Questions? Contact Christen Peterson 765-349-3510 or Vincent Irving 765-349-3534.

Spanish-Speaking Camp Professionals

Fri, 05/10/2024 - 10:11

We seek to...

  • Build community among ourselves.
  • Serve as a platform for discussion of issues facing Spanish-speaking camp staff.
  • Support leadership development of Spanish-speaking camp professionals within the ACA community.
  • Support non-Spanish-speakers in the camp community to understand cultural issues that will ultimately support Spanish-speaking campers.
  • Support the work and mission of ACA. 

Camp Kindred en Español

Únase a nosotros para una conversación abierta sobre nuestro trabajo como profesionales de campamentos. Esperamos construir una comunidad y discutir los problemas que enfrentan los profesionales de campamentos de habla hispana, brindar oportunidades para el desarrollo profesional de los miembros de nuestra comunidad y ofrecer información a los campamentos en general sobre la comunidad y los campamentos de habla hispana.

Join us for future virtual conversations among peers. Support and be supported by others. 

  • October 25, 2024 - 2:00 eastern - Registration to come
  • January 22, 2025 - 2:00 eastern - Registration to come
  • April 2, 2025 - 2:00 eastern - Registration to come

ACA Documents in Spanish

Questions? Contact Grechen Throop 765-349-3517


2024–2027 Leadership Pathways Project

Thu, 03/14/2024 - 16:45

Phase 2 Awards Announced the Week of April 22!

The application window is now closed.

Up to 20 grant recipients will receive up to $18,000 per year for three years to support creating, improving, or expanding counselor-in-training or similar leadership development programs at camp. Grantees will work with a peer cohort to design, implement, and improve a counselor-in-training (CIT)-related initiative to increase access to camp leadership pathways for young people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and identities.  

All nonprofit camps and government agency organizations (i.e. parks & rec) that run camps were invited to apply during the application window that closed on April 11. They did not need to have a grant writer to submit, nor did the camp need to be ACA accredited. Applying to (or receiving) this grant does not disqualify camps from future grant opportunities through ACA.

The application deadline was April 11, 2024. Awards will be announced the week of April 22.

Previous Phase 1 Awarded Grantees

Check back in May 2024 for the announcement of our awarded grantees for 2024 Phase 2!

Here are the awarded grantees from Phase 1 (2021-2024)

  • Camp Common Ground
  • Big Sur Land Trust Youth Outdoor Programs
  • Tampa YMCA
  • Camp Blodgett
  • Aspire
  • Trail Blazers
  • Camp Santa Maria
  • Montgomery County Recreation
  • NatureBridge
  • YMCA of Greater Seattle
  • Camp Bovey
  • Camp Mendocino
  • Easterseals Colorado
  • 4-H Primitive Pursuits
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Timber Pointe Outdoor Center
  • Camp Kaufmann
  • Camp Mokule’ia
  • Lexington Recreation and Community Programs
  • Acta Non Verba
  • PARI Summer Space Camps

This project is made possible through the generous support of Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies. 

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