Nurturing little acorns into mighty oaks.

Remember your first camp experience? Remember laughing and singing camp songs at the top of your lungs? Remember the fast friends you made splashing around in the water and galloping down the straightaway in a head-to-head relay? Remember what it was like just to be a kid?

You can help the American Camp Association (ACA) ensure the future of camp by becoming a member of The Acorn Society. Membership is simple! Include ACA in your estate planning and/or make outright gifts to American Camping Foundation (ACF) or the Kruger Endowment of the ACF greater than $25,000 ensures the educational, spiritual, physical, and social opportunities camp offers will continue for generations to come. Gifts over $25,000 should be made within five calendar years.

Members of The Acorn Society are invited to an annual gathering at the ACA national conference and honored for their significant financial commitment to the future of the camp experience.

The Acorn Society's crest is a mighty oak. Its vast branches symbolize the network of devoted individuals it takes to make camp a reality for so many deserving children. Its strong trunk speaks to society members' strength and leadership in character, compassion and commitment — the same traits the ACA strives to instill in every camper.

The Acorn Society is the essence of the expression that "a little acorn can become a mighty oak." Plant a seed and watch the future of the camp experience flourish.

For more information on how you can help change a child's life, contact Marna Redding, Chief Development Officer, at or 765-342-8456, ext. 529.