Gifting stocks and/or bonds to ACA may actually cost you less than the same amount in a monetary gift. If the securities have appreciated and have been held by you for at least 12 months, they may be deductible in an amount up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. Amounts in excess of 30 percent may be deducted on tax returns for up to five additional years. The ACA can only accept marketable securities.

Instructions for Donating Stock to the American Camp Association:

  1. Please direct your gift to:
    Charles Schwab & Co.
    Account: American Camp Association Account # 1877-0661  
    DTC # 0164 Code 403
  2. Inform the American Camp Association (ACA) of the impending donation, before the transfer is completed. This will allow ACA to know what the donation is for when it arrives. Contact Andrea Stearley at or (765) 349-3305. Include the following information:
    1. Name and address of the donor
    2. What is being donated, i.e. number shares and the name of the stock
    3. The purpose of the gift.
    4. When the transaction is expected to be completed
  3. If you have any questions, please contact: Christa Cassidy, or at 765-349-3315.