ACA Illinois, Brandwein on Training: The Step-by-Step System for Planning & Presenting Your Best Staff Training Ever


March 26-27, 2024





Plan your most awesome staff training! You know you’re going to spend hours on designing this year’s camp training—let us help you do it faster, with less stress, and turbocharge its quality with the expert guidance of a world-renowned master trainer. Give yourself a huge helping “hand” with Michael’s Five Fingers of Fantastic training, including a unique, step-by-step checklist for successfully building the precise essential elements of terrific training Use terrific, precise and practical methods to greet staff, begin training to focus on mission and motivation, set expectations, and build a community of positive relationships—all while modeling how staff can use this to do the same with their campers Grab attention & motivate full participation—even from returning staff who “have heard it all” Maximize learning with Michael’s creative, highly acclaimed teaching techniques that get people involved instead of listening to “lectures” Boost professionalism and responsibility, even in young staff for whom this may be a first job—and teach the core skills all staff need for success Learn outstanding, original activities you won’t find elsewhere to boost your training effectiveness A total of 6 hours of time-saving, quality-boosting methods and materials taught in Michael’s trademark “use-it-immediately,” fun, and highly energetic teaching style.