George Williams College of Aurora University

University/College Address
350 Constance blvd
Williams Bay Wisconsin
Department Name
Office of Admission
Kailley Harmon
Degree's Offered
Format for Degree
Online: undergrad
Online: grad
Campus-based: undergrad
Campus-based: grad
Combination of online and campus: undergrad
Combination of online and campus: grad
Category of Major/emphasis area offered
General Recreation/Parks Management
Outdoor Adventure/Environmental Education
K-12 Education
Social Work
Names of Specific Major(s)
Parks and Recreation, Social Work, Elementary Education, Sustainability and Environmental Management, Writing and English, Psychology
List academic courses offered (max 5) of specific interest to a camp professional
REC1750 Practicum in Outdoor Living Skills (4), REC1760Leisure and Society (4), REC2220Recreational Leadership (4), REC2500 Working with Diverse and Vulnerable Populations (4), REC3200 Campus Recreation (4), REC3330 Recreation Programming (4), REC3390WIRecreation Administration: Issues and Ethics (4), REC3400 Outdoor Recreation and Education (4), REC4100 Commercial Recreation Management (4), REC4370Facilities Management (4)
Learning experiences required/recommended as part of your degree program
Research projects
Internship/practicum Coordinator contact
Chris Wells
Internship/practicum Coordinator Phone Number
Internship/practicum Coordinator E-mail