University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Stevens Point Wisconsin
Department Name
Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Scott Johnson
715-824-2428 x2005
Degree's Offered
Format for Degree
Campus-based: undergrad
Category of Major/emphasis area offered
Camp Administration
Outdoor Adventure/Environmental Education
Names of Specific Major(s)
Youth Agency Programming and Camp Administration;
Environmental Education and Interpretation
List academic courses offered (max 5) of specific interest to a camp professional
ADVE 150 - Introduction to Adventure Education;
NRES 301/302 - Environmental Education Iⅈ
NRES 382 - Youth Agency Programming and Administration;
NRES 383 - Nature Center and Camp Management;
NRES 482- 15 credit full-semester Capstone Field Experience in Youth Agencies/Camp Programs and Professional Development (Pending)
Learning experiences required/recommended as part of your degree program