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Drowning and spinal injuries at swimming pools and aquatic areas are some of the most traumatic and costly events any program can face. The trauma is not restricted to the child who is injured or dies, but encompasses the family, lifeguards, facility staff, and community. A death or injury claim involving drowning can result in multi-million-dollar awards and significant, undesirable media attention.  This three-course package is being offered in collaboration with Redwoods. Each title is twelve to thirty minutes in length. 

Titles include:

  • Risk Management 101 
  • Shallow Water Blackout 
  • The Professional Lifeguard 

Risk Management 101 (20 min)
This training is intended for new employees and volunteers. It is the safety portion of a new employee orientation. We’ll cover sexual abuse prevention, aquatics safety, transportation safety, employee safety, and other safety concerns your employees and volunteers could face. The training puts an emphasis on mission - keeping yourself and others safe will help fulfill your mission.

Shallow Water Blackout (12 min)
Prolonged and competitive breath holding is a dangerous practice that can lead to shallow water blackout. Shallow water blackout is a term used to describe the loss of consciousness caused by decreased levels of carbon dioxide, created by hyperventilating and prolonged breath holding. This training explains the dangers of shallow water blackout and how to prevent it from happening in your aquatic facilities.

The Professional Lifeguard (30 min) 
Every year, we investigate 15-20 drowning incidents, with results ranging from overnight hospital stays to fatalities. At every one of these incidents, trained lifeguards were present. The Professional Lifeguard training helps guards understand their responsibilities and the practical application of their skills on the pool deck. Guards will understand the following key lifeguard attributes upon completion: rescue ready, positioned to protect, singularly focused, aggressively scanning and protecting everyone.


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