Camp Application

Information and Important Deadlines for Accredited Camp Applicants

To Do List — To receive a visit in the upcoming summer, a camp must do the following.

  1. Submit an application and necessary fees by March 1. If the program for which you seek accreditation occurs primarily outside of the summer months, please contact ACA for deadlines.
  2. Complete a Standards Course no later than March 31.
  3. Complete and submit written documentation for the 20 standards known as the Camp Self-Assessment (CSA) by May 1.


  • Begin early! Experience has shown that it can take camps between 6 to 18 months to prepare for ACA Accreditation. A significant amount of written documentation is required.
  • Your assigned ACA Accreditation visitor will be reaching out by early April to begin scheduling the Camp Self-Assessment and Accreditation Visit – be on the lookout for their email or phone call.
  • ACA's Accreditation Program is not intended to circumvent the licensure required to operate your primary business (i.e., daycare centers, preschools, fitness facilities).
  • Compliance with legal requirements of the jurisdictions within which a camp/program is located is the responsibility of the camp.

Application Details

  • If your camp will be seeking accreditation, please enter your zip code and choose "Seeking Membership and Accreditation." If you are seeking accreditation in 2018, please contact the ACA standards team before filling out this application.
  • If your camp will not be seeking accreditation, please enter your zip code and choose "Seeking Membership."

You will be provided with a link below that will take you to an online application. Fillout the form to make your application or to view rates.

Pay by Credit Card — Complete the application and enter your credit card information at the Checkout. This is a secure credit card payment.
Pay by Check — Complete the application. Use the Print option just prior to the Checkout. Review and mail your completed application with a check to the address on the form.
View Rates — Complete the application and don't enter your credit card information.