Camps Seeking Accreditation

Information about Accreditation 

Information and Important Deadlines for Accredited Camp Applicants

To Do List — To receive an accreditation visit, a camp must do the following.

  1. Fall - Submit an application and fees as early as possible. We suggest no later than September or October. If you submit your application after February 1, your camp will not receive a visit that summer. If your program occurs primarily outside of the summer months, please contact ACA.
  2. Fall/Winter - Complete an Accreditation Process Workshop as soon as your able. The sooner the better. If you haven't taken a course by March 31, your camp will not receive a visit that summer.
  3. Fall/Winter - Prepare materials and written documentation required by the standards; review and evaluate each area of camp operation, using the guidelines noted in the standards.
  4. Fall/Winter - Take advantage of all preparation resources, including Accreditation Office Hours, to support your work in preparing materials.
  5. Spring - By mid to later March, you'll have your visitor assignment.  
  6. Spring - Submit the written documentation required in the Written Documentation Review prior to May 1.
  7. Summer - Participate in the peer review process (the "visit").
  8. Fall - In early November, you'll receive notification of your accreditation. 


  • Begin early! It can take up to 18 months to prepare for ACA Accreditation. Significant written documentation is required.
  • Your ACA Accreditation visitor will reach out in early April for the Written Documentation Review and Visit.
  • ACA's Accreditation Program is not intended to circumvent the licensure required to operate your primary business.
  • Compliance with legal requirements of the jurisdictions within which a camp/program is located is the responsibility of the camp.

Rates and Application Details

Applications for accreditation must be received by ACA by February 1 if you are expecting a visit in the upcoming following summer. 

If your camp is interested in seeking accreditation, please contact the membership team. Send an email or call us at 765-342-8456 press 1.

  1. We will help you understand requirements, time commitment, and work involved
  2. We will discuss eligibility with you
  3. We will discuss camp fees and the application process with you

We look forward to assisting your!  Send us an email or call us at 765-342-8456 press 1.