How to Connect with Campers During the Holiday Season

December 18, 2017
Kaley Belakovich

During the holiday season, families and friends come together and reflect on the happy memories they have made together. For children who attend camp, reflecting on camp memories is also important — but since camp has ended for the year and many staff and fellow campers may not live near each other, it’s harder for them to reflect together. So, it is important to provide ways for kids to remember the good times they had at camp.

Aside from a traditional holiday card, here are a few ideas from fellow camp people on ways to connect with your campers during the holiday season.

Light a Candle

During the final recognition campfires at Cheley Colorado Camps, the campers use friendship candles, according to Jeff Cheley, executive director at Cheley Colorado Camps. The campers are then encouraged to keep the candles and re-light them during the holiday season to remember all the friends, lessons, and memories from the summer.

Send Seedling Trees

Jane Sanborn, a director of Sanborn Western Camps, says that Sanborn Western Camps have sent seedling trees to their campers in the past. The campers can then plant the trees at their homes and have something that will remind them of camp not only during the holidays, but year-round.

Send Gifts Personalized with Photos

In the past, Sanborn West Camps have sent campers a deck of cards personalized with camp photos over the holidays. The cards allow campers to reflect on camp memories while playing games with family and friends.

Host a Holiday Gathering

If you can, consider hosting a get-together for your campers over the holiday season. Dan Reynolds, executive director of camping services for Akron Rotary Camp and YMCA Camp Y-Noah, says both his camps host events over the holidays. Akron Rotary Camp hosts a party where all there are snacks and activities, and everyone gets a present from Old Saint Nick.

Camp Y-Noah hosts a two-night, three-day winter camp to allow campers and staff to reunite during the time between summers.

No matter how big or small, a connection from camp during the winter season can help keep both the holiday spirit and the camp spirit alive in campers.

Kaley Belakovich is the communications specialist for the American Camp Association.

Photo courtesy of Cheley Colorado Camps in Estes Park, Colorado