NASA Space Place: Activities for Your Campers

July 15, 2019
Mikalina Franco

Looking for camp activities that are out of this world? Personalize your campers’ experience with NASA Space Place’s award-winning games, lessons, and activities featuring space and earth science!

Feeling Crafty?

Universe Slime

universal slime

Aside from using telescopes to view galaxies far away, Space Place helps bring the universe into the palm of your hand. NASA Space Place has a recipe for stretchy universe slime to help your campers learn about our ever-expanding universe.

Cloud Mobile

cloud mobile

Teach your campers about four kinds of clouds with Space Place’s cloud mobile! In this activity, your campers will design a cloud mobile with cumulonimbus, cirrus, cumulus, and nimbostratus clouds, and even sparkling rain showers! Be sure to hang your cloud mobiles outdoors to see the campers’ creation twist and turn in the breeze.

The Latest from Space Place

Did you or your campers know that NASA’s involvement spreads far beyond our universe? NASA is hard at work in your home state, too! Our newest activity, NASA in the 50 States, serves as a great tool to learn about NASA’s involvement across the United States. In this interactive online map, your campers can click on their home state — or any state — to learn about how each state collaborates with NASA.

Looking for More?

In addition to the above, NASA Space Place is home to hundreds of other engaging space and Earth science games, hands-on activities, fun articles, and short videos — just explore our website!

To request a roll of Space Place stickers to hand out to campers, email Many NASA Space Place online products are also available in Spanish.

Mikalina Franco is a social media specialist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where she produces communication and outreach content to reach a broad audience.

Images courtesy of NASA Space Place.