For Your Resume: Flexibility, Adaptability, and Creativity

August 15, 2011

At camp, do you realize that you’re learning flexibility and adaptability, while also practicing your creativity? Ask yourself these questions before adding to your camp job description on your resume:

How did I adapt to new roles and responsibilities?
How did I find ways to balance diverse opinions and values?
How did I work to solve conflicts?
How did I adapt to the needs of various campers?
What were some of my most creative moments?

A camp counselor's flexibility, adaptability, and creativity are constantly being tested. Between developing fun cabin night activities, helping campers think of a skit to present to the camp, designing an idea for an activity booth on "Disney Day," or figuring out how to take a three-day camping trip in the pouring rain from a nightmare to an adventure, counselors must use the resources available to them — often on a tight time schedule — to actively engage groups of a variety of ages.

Think about this . . . Just walking campers from activities each day, you are solving conflicts, adapting to the needs of various campers, and enhancing your ability to work with others.