ACA Facebook Migration from Pages to Groups

November 11, 2019
group of smartphones in a circle

Recently, we have decided to move our ACA regional community* initiatives from Facebook Pages to Facebook Groups.  Here are the reasons why:

Facebook Group Pros

  • Efficiently communicate with Group members via chat, email, wall posts, messages, shared documents, and events.
  • Groups provide a platform curated towards communities/associations.  This allows for easier internal communications.
  • Common connections allow you to view your specific network.

For more reasons, view these sources

How to Join

All groups are linked under the parent ACA Facebook Page umbrella.  To join, you can find the full list of groups on our singular ACA Facebook Page under “Groups," or click on your specific region and click “+ Join Group” to be added. 


*This migration does not include ACA affiliate office Facebook Pages. 

Photo by ViewApart/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images