Proposed Rule Changes for Summer Work Travel Program, J-1 Visa Category

February 14, 2017

The US Department of State has recently released the Proposed Rules for the Summer Work Travel Program. This is the program that supplies support staff to camps. This is not the camp counselor program.   

The rules for all J-1 international exchange programs are periodically reviewed. This process began in 2010 for Summer Work Travel and is nearing the end. There is an open comment period until February 27, 2017.  It is anticipated the proposed rules change will not impact the 2017 program although there is no guarantee.

If you 'employ' camp staff that come to the US through the Summer Work Travel Program (SWT), we encourage you to review the proposed rules. Directions on how to share comments are included in the document.

Be assured the American Camp Association as well as Summer Work Travel program sponsors are carefully reviewing and planning to comment on these rules. The number of Summer Work Travel participants placed in camps is very small compared to the numbers placed in other settings (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.). Keep this in mind as you review the proposed rules. Many of the issues do not directly relate to camp placement. We encourage you to let us know if you have questions, and encourage you to reach out to your program sponsors for additional information.