New Study Shows Majority of Day Campers Experience Significant Physical Activity

Martinsville, IN: Kids at day camp are getting more than the recommended amount of physical activity each day, according to a new study, “Children’s Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity Attending Summer Day Camps,” published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

“This study provides the public with empirical evidence the camp community has known for years. The clear majority of day campers are experiencing vigorous amounts of physical activity each day,” comments Tom Rosenberg, president and CEO of the American Camp Association.

Seven professors from various universities in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arizona studied more than 1,000 campers at summer day camps in the Southeast where enrollment was equal to, or greater than, 50 campers.

The study asserts that, outside of regular school, summer day camps are the largest setting where kids can be physically active. According to the results, more than 70% of boys and girls at day camps (aged 5-12) are getting over the recommended amount of 60 minutes per day of vigorous physical activity.

“Not only are day camps a great place for keeping kids active, they are leading the way by providing more than the recommended amounts of daily physical activity,” adds Rosenberg.

The authors of this study conclude by calling on public health practitioners to focus efforts on making summer day camps accessible for kids throughout the U.S., and the American Camp Association strongly echoes that call.

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