Press: Camp Trends

"What about tomorrow?" What worked yesterday may no longer be the answer. Our world is dramatically characterized by uncertainty today. That inevitability creates a whirlwind of possible change. Gretchen M. Spreitzer and Thomas G. Cummings describe the unpredictability, "The specific context a leader faces is hard to grasp because it's like stepping into a river - you can never step into the same place twice because its flow is constantly changing."

Our world is more inter-generational, more multicultural, more risk-taking, and more entrepreneurial, thus demanding greater customization. More of us than not belong to constituencies on the fringes. Both the external world around us and our internal world require us to realign our "team."

In the ACA tradition, we answer the unknown by fully engaging our imaginations and creative processes. We look over the horizon, seek the clues that will inform us, identify the challenges and respond confidently.

ACA camp professionals are experienced in turning uncertain complexities into opportunities for learning. We understand how to pinpoint value in a sea of diversity and adversity. We have learned to innovate when dealing with cross-cultural values and language. We have time-tested experience dealing with diversity of age, gender, and ethnicity in our camp communities. We have managed the massive onslaught of technology finding a place for the electronic future in our communities, while preserving our traditions of independence, rest, and reflection. We are "thought-leaders" practiced in action and in tune with current trends in society.

Trends in camp are responding to the world's realities. Camps have developed fluid structures that are nimble and that can respond to emerging issues. They provide an image of shared values and essential elements while capitalizing on strategic alliances designed to influence a greater cross section of society.

ACA is positioned to answer the question, "What about tomorrow?" We are the first movers, early adapters with the ability to bring together a myriad of differences and challenges into the deeper understandings of the whole. We are mentoring tomorrow's leaders, today's children, and youth. Camp professionals more than ever recognize that their power lies in their ability to look beyond their own camps and see our common community - a team culture with a common purpose, a passion for the camp experience, enriching lives and changing the world.