Summer camps for children, adults, families, and seniors operate under trained professionals and have volunteer or paid staff to work with their special client groups. Camps may be found in rural, suburban or urban communities, operate on several thousand back country acres, or in city parks.

Family camps offer cross-generational activities on weekends throughout the year, as well as family sessions during the summer.

Family camps help parents introduce the camp experience to younger children who might not have yet experienced parental separation and who are looking for a healthy, positive experience to have with their children.  In the end, the objective of family camps is to allow the family to bond, grow closer, and build relationships.

Family Camp Impacts Report — In 2010, ACA conducted a study of the impacts of family camp experiences in Virginia and West Virginia in cooperation with Virginia Tech and Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, VA.  The purpose of the study was to examine families’ motivations for participating in family camp, explore perceived benefits of attending family camp and measure changes in family functioning as a result of involvement in family camp.