Updated 7/26/18

The bottom line about camp costs is that there's a camp for just about every budget. Fees to attend camp can vary. Resident camp tuition averages can be $630 per week to up to a $2,000+ a week. Day camp tuition averages can be $199 a week up to $800+ a week. (2018 ACA Business Operations Report)

Assistance offered from camps:

  • Camps offer special discounts—for everything from early registration, full-season, or multiple enrollments from one family. For instance, more than 75% of camps award more than $1,000 in discounts annually. (2018 ACA Business Operations Report)
  • Many camps offer "camperships"—partial or total scholarships and financial assistance. Parents shouldn't assume their income doesn't qualify. In fact, over 93% of camps report offering financial assistance, and 67% of camps award $10,000 or more in scholarships annually. (2018 ACA Business Operations Report)

Assistance offered from the U.S. government:

  • Parents should inquire into whether the camp participates in income-eligible subsidy programs, for instance through Title XX.
  • For day camps:
    • A Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows parents to be reimbursed on a pre-tax basis for child care or adult dependent care expenses for qualified dependents that are necessary to allow parents to work, look for work, or to attend school full time. Visit the FSA Feds Web site for more information. 
    • In certain circumstances, day care expenses, including transportation by a care provider, may be considered dependent care services and paid with pre-tax dollars. Visit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for more information.
    • Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit: The IRS allows an income tax credit of up to $6,000 of dependent care expenses if you have two or more dependents (up to $3,000 for one dependent). The amount of the credit is based on your adjusted gross income and applies only to your federal taxes. This applies to qualifying day camp expenses. Visit the FSA Feds Web site for more information.