ACA Recognized Certifications - Provider COVID-19 Accommodations

The American Camp Association is monitoring the evolving challenges related to certifications. A summary resource of current information is provided below, and ACA is committed to providing developing information. 

It is essential to follow any directives, orders, actions, etc. provided by your local health officials related to your camp operations and certification requirements.  As an example, many localities and states have guidance for camp licensure and permits that require certification for specific camp positions; it is crucial that you are aware of these local regulations and requirements in addition to meeting ACA standards. Additionally, your insurance carrier may also have information and direction related to your specific program/activities. 

We are providing the following summary of several certifying bodies that issue certifications recognized by ACA; this is an evolving situation, and we will continue to update our information.  The summary is not inclusive of all certifying bodies.  We encourage you to also reach out to your certifying bodies and local entities to gain awareness and information particular to your camp.

Reminder: It is the responsibility of the camp to confirm the provider meets the needs of and is appropriate for their program, meets the requirements of their insurance provider, and aligns with what is required by their state regulations.

If you have a question about a certification not mentioned, please reach out to Abby Burbank,