Staff Recruitment, Hiring, & Retention Blog Posts & Articles

Counselor and campers posing for camera
May 31, 2022

As we work to connect with potential camp staff members, it is important to make sure they truly understand the value of working at summer camp. 

lean-to tent
May 22, 2022

Learn more about how to start recruiting for next summer during this summer's camp session.

Camp Cobbossee staff photo
May 9, 2022

This blog in support of Project Real Job discusses the importance of curating relationships with staff applicant references such as professors, former staff, and coaches.

campers in masks launching a rocket
April 25, 2022

Here are some ideas to help ease the transition to camp for your staff.

camp staff and camper rowing crew boat
April 11, 2022

Here are some Gen Z employment trends that started before the pandemic and now appear to be widespread.

Woman typing phone message at night
March 28, 2022

As technology and social media grow, there is a seemingly endless array of platforms available to us to stay in touch with people. Because of this, you think that it would be easier than ever to connect with our camp communities, whether that is... Read More

Staff in a team activity
March 7, 2022

An answer to this question of the century may seem counterintuitive, yet it is at the core of most camp communities: Relationships. More than ever, staff are looking for connection and belonging. So how do we focus on those needs without... Read More

campers kayaking
February 28, 2022

Mental and emotional health has been on the forefront of all of our minds. During COVID, it is even more so. While camp is for the camper, our staff are the ones interacting and supporting them daily. What do we do when our staff cannot hold it... Read More