Microsessions - Eastern Region Camp Conferences

Microsessions will be included as part of ALL the Eastern Region's in-person conferences.  These short sessions will be pre-recorded and posted for all conference attendees to view asynchronously.  These are short and less-formal, but just as impactful as a traditional length session.

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Microsession Components:

  • 1-9 Minutes in Length
  • Pre-recorded and Uploaded to the Portal
  • Short, Entertaining, and Educational - think TEDTalk, TikTok and Twitter


The program committee is working to provide a space and opportunity for experienced and novice youth development professionals, freethinkers, and change agents to contribute to the knowledge base of best practices.

Consider These Hot Topics:

  • Day Camp – Transportation, Schedules, Staff Training
  • Food Service – Dietary Restrictions, Recipes, Green Procedures, Garden Programs,
  • Camper Behavior Management – Social and Emotional Development, Social Anxiety and Reentry After a Pandemic
  • Programming – Theme programs, Camp Songs, Ceremonies, Vespers
  • COVID protocols and Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)
  • Facilities and Maintenance – Cabin Cleaning, Toilet Plunging, Ice Machine Maintenance, Posted Signs and Policies
  • Marketing – Camp Photography, Social Media, Campaigns, Fundraisers
  • Staff Training – Virtual Training, Training Late Hires, Staff Time-Off Procedures, Counselors in Training, Leaders in Training
  • Risk Management & Health Care – Lice Checks, Food Allergies, Social and Emotional Health, Homesickness, Supervision
  • Parents Communications – Social Media, Letters Home, Surveys, Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures, Policies
  • Cultural Agility, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Nothing is off-limits – if you think your idea is clever, unique, and something you’re proud of – we want you to share it!

Strong Submissions Include:

  • Short description of 280 characters or less.  We’re looking for tweet-length session descriptions.
  • Microsession recordings share a nugget of knowledge, are catchy and clever on the timely topics that and inspire and promote best practices.

Sample Microsession:



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Brandon Mitchell - bmitchell@ACAcamps.org