2019 Staff Training Issue of Camping Magazine

May/June cover

Each year, the May/June issue of Camping Magazine is devoted to staff training — perfect for Staff Orientation!

The 2019 issue has brand new staff training content from the experts created exclusively for staff and for trainers. You can have the best staff trainers at your camp! 

This premier industry resource is available at a special low MEMBER bulk rate, so affordable that you can order for each member of your staff.

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2019 Articles and Authors

  • "Sorry but Not Sorry," by Scott Arizala
  • "Make Copies or Make a Difference? Camp is a Real Job," by Kim Aycock, MST
  • "Your Data Bank Has Secret Treasure:  Turning Counselor Secrets into Effective Decision Making” by Greg Cronin, CCD
  • “Connecting with Campers in the Age of Screens, Social Media and Fortnite®" by Bob Ditter
  • “Interrupting Isms:  What to Do If Campers Say or Do Something ‘-ist,’” by Ann Gillard, PhD
  • “Hungry for Attention: The Reward That Campers Crave Most,” by Steve Mazza
  • "Begin With the End in Mind: What Does a Successful Summer at Camp Look Like for You?" by Audrey Monke, MA
  • "Me First?  Self Care and Supervisor Communication," by Katie Thurson, Gwynn M. Powell, PhD, Lisa Olsen, MS, and J. Joy James, PhD
  • "The Art and Science of Youth Development: The Role of the Camp Counselor," by Lance Ozier, EdD
  • “Thank You for Changing My Life,” by James Rujimora
  • “Helping the Homesick Camper,” by Nathaniel “Nat” Shed
  • "Fumble and Recovery: Transforming a String of Failures into Robust Success,” by Christopher Thurber, PhD
  • "Calming Camper Conflicts,” by Diane Tyrrell, CCD
  • "Unleashed: The Power of You — Alignment and Engagement," by Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed

How to Use This Great Resource

  • Buy one for each of your front line staff — a wealth of information from the best staff trainers in the industry.
  • Don’t just hand them the magazine — incorporate the content into your staff training sessions.
  • Assign one or two articles to read each day of staff training and provide time for discussion.
  • Ask senior staff to lead small group discussions for each of the articles.
  • Most articles include discussion questions.
  • After camp is in session, use different articles for focus of discussion during weekly staff meetings.

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