ACA Youth Outcomes Battery

Want youth feedback about outcomes from your program?

Camp Youth Outcomes BatteryACA offers data-gathering youth self-report measures that focus on common camp outcomes related to skills that build successful contributing members of our society. Questionnaires are statistically tested, camp-specific, age-appropriate, easily administered tools AND they can be customized to any camp.

New for 2016! YOB 2.0 Basic Online Version!

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Want staff or parents' perceptions about youth outcomes from your program?

The ACA Youth Outcomes Battery: Staff and Parent Perceptions measure outcomes growth based on adult observations of youth under their direct care of staff or a caregiver. The same outcomes available in the YOB are used in this version for staff and/or parents. These measures were statistically tested, easily administered, and offer staff language useful in communicating with parents about the growth of their child. The YOB: Staff and Parent Perceptions are stand-alone measures or ideally are used in conjunction with the YOB camper surveys. The measures work well with any age youth, but are especially helpful when working with children under the age of 10 years old or whom may have special needs.

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