State Regulations for Louisiana

Date Revised: 03/15/2019

Governing Body: 

Department of Health and Hospitals

License Required for Day Camps : 
License Required for Resident Camps: 
Criminal Background Checks Required: 
Criminal Background Checks Information: 

Bureau of Criminal Identification & Information
P.O. Box 66614, #A-6
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
(225) 925-6095

State Allows FBI Checks: 
State FBI Checks Text: 

An individual must fill out the Authorization Form and General Disclosure form. All forms available from the Louisiana State Police.

The cost is $26.00. For FBI processing, where authorization is required, there is an additional $16.25 fee. Results are returned within 6–8 weeks.

Driving Record Checks: 

A request form is available online from the OMV website.

$16 plus $2 online fee

Minimum Wage: 

N/A* There is no state minimum wage law.

*Federal minimum wage rate applies

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions: 

No specified state-level exemptions. Federal FLSA exemptions applies for those covered by Act.

Subminimum Wage: 

No specified state-level Subminimum Wage. Federal FLSA Subminimum Wage rules applies for those covered by Act.

Overtime Pay Requirements: 

No specified state-level requirements. Federal FLSA ovetime pay requirements apply for those covered by Act.

Overtime Pay Exemptions: 

No specified state-level overtime page requirement exemptions. Federal FLSA overtime pay exemptions apply for those covered by Act.

Meal/Rest Period Requirements: 

Meal period: minors–30 minutes during each 5-hour work period. Details.

Student Exemption from Unemployment Tax: 
Student Exemption Information: 

There is an exemption only when students are employed by a school, college, or university at which student is regularly attending classes. Details.

Other Wages Source: