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Can We Talk? Difficult Management Conversations
Scott Arizala, November/December

Sorry, Not Sorry
Scott Arizala, May/June

Make Copies or Make a Difference? Camp Is a Real Job
Kim Aycock, MST, May/June

Outdoor Education at Camp: Enriching Lives through Positive Interactions with Nature
Thomas Bawden, July/August

Building A Better World Through Philanthropy, Fraternity, Fellowship, and Fun
Brandon G. Briery, PhD, and Zack Agerton, January/February

Camp Jack Hazard Rises from the Ashes
Stephanie Brown, July/August

ACA’s Youth Impact Study
Laurie Browne, PhD, and Rob Warner, January/February

5-Year Impact Study Phase 2 Findings: Appreciating Differences
Laurie Browne, PhD, and Rob Warner, November/December

5-Year Impact Study Phase 2 Findings: Being Present in the Moment
Laurie Browne, PhD, and Rob Warner, September/October

5-Year Impact Study Phase 2 Findings: Relationship Skills
Laurie Browne, PhD, and Rob Warner, July/August

5-Year Impact Study Phase 2 Findings: Responsibility and Independence
Laurie Browne, PhD, and Rob Warner, March/April

Four Secrets for Effective Human Interaction at Camp
Greg Cronin, MPA, CCD, May/June

Biting My Nails: Revisiting Staff Anxiety
Bob Ditter, September/October

Connecting with Campers in the Age of Screens, Social Media, and Fortnite
Bob Ditter, May/June

Increasing Your Community Footprint: A Case Study in Equitable Camping
Kristin Dunn, November/December

Innovating and Elevating Camper Futures: The 2019 Eleanor Eells Award Winners
Marcia Ellett, July/August

Intergenerational Communication: Strengthening Connections at Camp
Marcia Ellett, January/February

Interrupting Isms: What to Do or Say if Campers Say or Do Something “-Ist”
Ann Gillard, PhD, May/June

Project-Based Learning in Summer Camp: An Opportunity to Enrich Your Camp
Luke Grange, September/October

Make Yourself at Home: Partnering with a Rental Property
Danny Herz, MA, CAA; Jo-Ellen Unger, MARE; and Greg Kellner, MPA, March/April

Let the World Be Your Oyster: Taking Camp Abroad
Tom Holland, MBA, January/February

Preventing Peer-to-Peer Abuse: Supervision as a Line of Defense
Katie Johnson, September/October

Staffing Strategies: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Headed?
Debra Jordan, ReD, and Kim Aycock, MST, January/February

Crafting Healthy Conceptions of Masculinity: What the Summer Camp Experience Can Provide for Boys
Joseph D. LaLiberte, November/December

Hungry for Attention: The Reward Campers Crave Most
Steve Mazza, PhD, May/June

Relationship-Based Leadership: Be More Than a Boss
Steve Mazza, PhD, March/April

Voice Lessons for Camp
An Interview with Wendy Mogel, PhD, January/February

Begin with the End in Mind
Audrey Monke, MA, May/June

Resource Roundup for Camp Professionals
Audrey Monke, MA, September/October

Motivating Change: When Being Stuck Is the Sticking Point
Christopher E. Overtree, PhD, September/October

Developing a Growth Mindset in the Summer Camp Environment
Tony Oyenarte and Kat Harlan, March/April

The Art and Science of Youth Development: The Role of the Camp Counselor
Lance Ozier, EdD, May/June

Major Gift Fundraising: Think Within the Box
David Phillips, September/October

Maybe Not Inevitable: A Case for Technology-Free Summer Camp
Matthew Pines, September/October

Why Is Everyone on Edge These Days? Make Your Camp Stress and Anxiety Free
Anthony Rao, PhD, March/April

Where Are Their Adult Pants? Tools, Catchphrases, And Understanding for Choosing Today’s Staff Members
Ariella Randle Rogge and Elizabeth Rundle Marable, January/February

Empowering Communities at Camp: Facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution Together
Tom Rosenberg, January/February

Helping the Homesick Camper
Nathaniel “Nat” Shed, May/June

Best Practices in Inclusive Camping: A Roundtable Discussion on Programming
Gary N. Siperstein, PhD; Emily D. McDowell; Stuart J. Schleien, PhD; John Dattilo, PhD; Martin E. Block, PhD; Mark Spolidoro; Jessie Bari, MS; and Aron Hall, March/April

Camp Staffing: We Can Avoid a Crisis!
Joanna Warren Smith, March/April

Campocalypse: Seven Predictions about Summer Youth Programs
Christopher Thurber, PhD, November/December

Fumble and Recovery: Transforming a String of Failures into Robust Success
Christopher Thurber, PhD, May/June

UR Strong, iGen
Christopher Thurber, PhD, March/April

Me First? Keys to Self-Care
Katie Thurson; Gwynn M. Powell, PhD; Lisa Olsen, MS; and J. Joy James, PhD, May/June

Calming Camper Conflicts
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, May/June

A Change in Focus: Improving Lifeguard Vigilance
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, March/April

In the Care of Other People’s Children, Part 1: Things Every Camper Should Start Doing Now
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, September/October

MESH: Essential Eligibility Criteria Creating a Recipe for Camper Success
Diane Tyrrell, CCD, MA Ed, November/December

Rethinking Summer: Why Camp Remains Relevant for Teens
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, and Leann Mischel, PhD, January/February

A Through Line: Caring, Compassion, and Conflict Resolution
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, November/December

Unleashed: The Power of You — Alignment and Engagement, Part I
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, May/June

Personal Lessons in Being Culturally Responsive
An Interview with Sonya Whitaker, EdD, January/February

Before They Pull the Trigger: What Staff and Campers Need to Know
David J. White, Jeff Goodwin, Nicole L. Pokorney, and Virginia D. Bourdeau, July/August

Women in Camp Summit 2019 — What, When, Where, and Why



Building Principles

Taking the Big Step: Buying and Selling Camp
Rick Stryker, PE, July/August

Whatever the Weather
Rick Stryker, PE, November/December

By the Book

By the Book: The Village Effect
Marcia Ellett, January/February

By the Book: Measure What Matters
Marcia Ellett, July/August

From Ross

Empowering Communities
Ross Turner, January/February

In the Trenches

“I Just Want My Kid to Be Happy”
Bob Ditter, January/February

Gaming Withdrawal at Camp
Bob Ditter, July/August

The Big Missteps in Camp Leadership Transition
Bob Ditter, November/December

Moving Forward Together

Inspiring Healthy Staff Culture at Camp
Tom Rosenberg, March/April

Dear Camp Staff Members — Moving Forward Together
Tom Rosenberg, May/June

On Becoming an Innovator at Camp
Tom Rosenberg, July/August

On Being a Mentor
Tom Rosenberg, September/October

Moving Forward Together with a Vital Strategic Plan
Tom Rosenberg, November/December

A Place to Share

So Many Reasons to Attend Conference
Becky Gilles, January/February

The Last Batch of Muffins
Stephen Gray Wallace, MS Ed, March/April

Dear Summer Camp Counselor
Katharine Kistler, May/June

Making Camp Possible for Others
Madison “Maddy” Willner, July/August

A Hundred Years of Campfire Stories at YMCA Storer Camps
Linda Smith Kerwin, September/October

The Legacy of Camp Monroe
Josh Kline, November/December

Recipe for Success

Enhancing Staff Return on Investment
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, January/February

Dutch Oven Cooking Tools and Tips
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, May/June

Food Service Budgeting Basics
Kimberly Whiteside Truitt, September/October


Summer Lovin’
James Rujimora, May/June

Risk Management

Suzy Rhulen Loughlin, January/February

The Art of Noticing
Cori Miller, MSW, and Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, March/April

Boys Will Be Boys, Girls Are Just Mean
Suzy Rhulen Loughlin, May/June

Your MESH Professional: Making Decisions for Success
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, July/August

Measles, a Disturbing Trend — for Society and Your Camp
Harry Rhulen, September/October

Healthy Camp People 2030: A Conceptual Framework for Tomorrow
Linda Ebner Erceg, RN, MS, PHN, November/December