The Challenge

During the summer children experience “summer learning loss” when they are not involved in high quality programs with opportunities for skill building.  As a result, young people can forget up to 2 months of academic instruction, particularly in the areas of reading and math when they are not in school. Camps and other youth development programs provide the opportunity to reduce summer learning loss in an expanded learning environment where children are engaged experientially and have an opportunity for additional academic enrichment.

A Solution

From 2011 to 2014, the American Camp Association's Explore 30 Camp Reading Program addressed summer learning loss by providing youth with at least 30 minutes of reading time per day. Learn more about the program outcomes through the Explore 30 Impact Report.

 Benefits of Participation 

  • Increased promotion of camp reading through alignment with the nationally marketed Explore 30 brand,
  • Access to online reading resources,
  • Activity ideas for incorporating reading into camp programs,
  • Information on how to advocate for the impact of camp on literacy and the reversal of summer learning loss,   
  • Incentives for reading completion, and  
  • Information about hosting author visits.

Reading Resources