Mental, Emotional & Social Health (MESH)

Mental, Emotional & Social Health (MESH) - It's no surprise that camp programs, policies, and practices that compliment and/or address camper and staff MESH needs can improve the camp experience for everyone.  And it's not a surprise that a camp program intentionally designed to compliment MESH attributes helps build resiliency, self-esteem, and self-confidence for participants while minimizing challenges for camp professionals.

MESHHow might a camp professional quickly identify conference sessions, articles, and tools that expand one's MESH toolkit?  Simply look for the MESH icon.  It'll draw your attention to elements that focus on this critical area.  

MESH Resources

Research and Promising Practices for Reducing Injuries and Illnesses

The American Camp Association conducted a five year study to benchmark camp-related injury and illness in U.S. camps called the Healthy Camp Study.  This Impact Report. summarizes what we learned. (See page 24 for specific injury and illness prevention strategies.)  The Healthy Camp Study was honored with a 2012 ASAE Summit Award.

Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Resources for Camp Operations and Healthcare Services

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