Federal, State, County, Municipal Regulations and Taxes

There are a number of regulations and taxes that apply to the camp industry. These will vary by state or local governmental bodies. It may be helpful to secure the aid of a lawyer to assist you in the legal requirements. Your state health officials are also valuable resources.

  • What are the permits/licenses required in your area? Which offices handle them?
  • What wage and salary laws affect staff salaries?
  • What are the health and sanitation laws concerning sewage disposal and operation of food service including food storage, food handlers permits, dishwashing, garbage disposal inspections, water purity tests?
  • Are background screening checks required for staff?
  • If you plan to provide transportation, are special licenses required? Do school bus laws apply to camp vehicles in your area? Is insurance required?
  • Is a health center required for health care? What kind of certification or license is required for health care personnel?
  • What of the following state and federal taxes are required?
    • Federal income
    • Federal unemployment
    • State income
    • State unemployment
    • County and state bed/tourist
    • Social security
    • Workman's compensation
    • Sales and property