Media Tips for Camps

  • Support from ACA. Refer media inquiries about this very sensitive topic to the American Camp Association Administrative Office.  ACA has trained staff who will field all calls and questions from the media, and they will work with ACA Spokesperson, CEO Tom Rosenberg to vet these inquiries and determine next steps. Please call 765-349-3309, or e-mail for help.  
  • Key Messaging. ACA has worked with all of our media consultants and we have prepared key messages and statements to address public and parent concerns about camp security. For consistency in messaging on this sensitive topic, we prefer all messages be delivered by Ms. Smith, as ACA’s Spokesperson.
  • Toolkit. For general media guidelines for crisis communication, visit ACA’s Communications Toolkit.
  • Staff Training. Please advise your office staff (including anyone who might answer the phone) in these procedures to avoid anyone getting caught on a media call unprepared.
  • Camp-Specific Messages. If you wish to develop camp-specific key messages addressing security, we advise that you work with your own public relations consultant.