Your camp may be facing a major period of financial stress and uncertainty. You likely spend nearly the entire year preparing for the summer season, and disruption in revenue at any point in the planning can have a lasting and disastrous impact. Fundraising may be impacted for many months, and your camper families may find it difficult to pay fees.

Relief is needed to overcome sharp losses and steady this period of upheaval. You need to establish a reliable revenue source to prevent disruption to the 2021 season. With your revenue severely disrupted, perhaps from spring and fall operations as well as summer, relief is needed to get through the rest of the year.

You should already be looking for longer-term recovery support to improve your business outlook and output and open planning and operating schedules in the fall. Preparation means projecting and adjusting budgets for the next year and looking at fixed and variable costs. No one knows what the public health and business climate will be for the next year, so building in contingency plans is vital. You may find it necessary to provide educational information about your camp’s unique business cycle to state and local officials who are tasked with decision-making around reopening and establishing guidelines.

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