State Regulations for Arizona

Date Revised: 01/30/2024

Governing Body:

Deptartment of Health Services, Office of Environmental Health

Department of Health Services, Bureau of Child Care Licensing

License Required for Day Camps :
License Required for Resident Camps:
License Information:

Day Camps

Day Camps are regulated as "Child Care Centers," except if all of the following are true: 

(a) The day camp is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting organization for day camps as approved by the department. 
(b) The day camp operates for less than twenty-four hours a day and less than ten weeks each calendar year.
(c) The day camp posts a notice at the facility and on its website that it is not licensed under the laws of this state as a child care facility.
(d) The day camp provides programs only to children who are at least five years of age.
(e) The day camp requires fingerprint cards of all personnel pursuant to section 36-883.02 

Child Care Provider Application


Resident Camps

Food Safety & Environmental Services - Forms

Only camps in Coconino county are licensed through the Arizona Department of Health Services. Camps in Arizona's other 14 counties are licensed through their county health or environmental health departments.

Criminal Background Checks Required:
Criminal Background Checks Information:

Only day camps licensed as child care centers require background checks.

Ariz. Dept. of Public Safety - Fingerprint Clearance Cards

$65 for volunteers, $67 for all others.

State Allows FBI Checks:
State FBI Checks Text:

To obtain an FBI check, follow the procedures required to obtain a State Check from the Dept. of Public Safety's website.

Driving Record Checks:

Driver License Motor Vehicle Records can be obtained through the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division.

$3 for an uncertified 3 year driving record, $5 for a certified 5 year driving record.

State Sex Offender Registry:

Arizona Sex Offender Registry

Minimum Wage:

$14.35 per hour

Minimum Wage Coverage and Exemptions:

"Unlike the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act, the Arizona Minimum Wage Act has very few exemptions. The Arizona Minimum Wage Act applies to any employee employed by an employer except the following: (1) A person who is employed by a parent or a sibling. (2) A person who is employed performing babysitting services in the employer’s home on a casual basis. (3) A person employed by the State of Arizona or the United States government. (4) A person employed in a small business grossing less than $500,000 in annual revenue, if that small business is not required to pay minimum wage under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. This exclusion for small businesses under the Arizona Minimum Wage Act is very limited. Practically speaking, most Arizona small businesses will be subject to the Arizona Minimum Wage Act."

Subminimum Wage:

A wage board may recommend rates for learners, apprentices, and handicapped workers at less than the minimum wage rate applicable to minors.

Overtime Pay Requirements:

No specified state-level requirements. Federal FLSA ovetime pay requirements apply for those covered by Act.

Overtime Pay Exemptions:

No specified state-level overtime pay requirement exemptions. Federal FLSA overtime pay exemptions apply for those covered by Act.

Meal/Rest Period Requirements:

No specified state-level meal/rest period requirements. Federal FLSA meal/rest period requirements apply for those covered by Act.

Student Exemption from Unemployment Tax:
Student Exemption Information:

Students are exempt when the student is working for a school, college or university and is enrolled and regularly attending classes therein.